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Often people tend to neglect their roof and as a result either they have to spend money for expensive roof repairs Pretoria too often or they have to make big investment of roof replacement at too early stage of the roof’s life.

You must understand that roof is the most important part of your house and it should get almost same attention that you may be giving to your home.

What you should check on your roof interior?

Actually, most of people can easily find the deterioration of the roof from inside as it can be easily noticed without taking too much trouble. Following are few things that you must look for in order to get it quickly fixed:

  1. Cracked timber components seen in your roof structure
  2. Any sign of water leaking
  3. Any kind of discoloration of painting
  4. Wall getting wet after heavy rain
  5. Timber is showing a sign of rotting

What you should check on your roof exterior?

You must occasionally inspect the condition of the exterior of the roof along with The Roof Doctor. Check for the following things:

  1. Look for any roof tile that is cracked
  2. Any loose sheeting or any screw getting loose
  3. Check the area near the antenna that you have erected
  4. Also, check the condition near the chimney.
  5. Check the condition of waterproofing done
  6. Whether any timber roof overhanging noticed
  7. Check for loose fascia boards
  8. Check for leaking gutters
  9. Is there any growth of creeper plants?
  10. Can you find moss or algae all around the roof area?
  11. Check your gutters, whether debris are getting collected
  12. Check all flashings
  13. Check for loose shingles
  14. Any tree branches protruding near the roof
  15. Any rusting noticed on metal parts
  16. Check for any blisters on the roofing material.
  17. Any build-up of salt or dirt
  18. Any exposed timber trusses

Maintaining your roof

Not focusing on the maintenance of the roof until any problem is noticed is a big mistake. It is important to take up regular maintenance because sometimes problems may appear too late, but when it will be noticed then it could call for total replacement of your roof, which can be too costly for any homeowner. Any insurance company will also not bear this cost.

It is therefore a good idea to have your roof inspected by a professional at least once in a year. You can ask the roof professional to check the condition of your roof and offer you a certificate of checking that you can send to your insurance company too.

It is better to get your roof inspected twice a year. Also, you must time your inspection after there is any major storm. Your expert can then inspect and clearly show you the sign of any damage if occurred.

You may also get quotes from number of service providers in your area that has got good reputation and also have been in this business for many years. They can also provide you references from many of their satisfied customers to ensure that your money is not wasted.

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