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Chandeliers are so luxurious and splendid that it can turn heads, completely transforming your space mesmerizing. You must not distance yourself from putting up a chandelier due to the exorbitant price of the product. These days, you can search online and find a number of companies offering reasonable price for good quality chandeliers.

How to Get the Right Chandelier?

Getting the right size of chandelier for your space is not that painstaking. Just follow the measurement guide –

  • Diameter (inches) – Measure length and width of the space in feet and sum them up.
  • Height (inches) – Measure floor to ceiling distance in feet, multiply by 2.5
  • Keep the chandelier’s bottom 7 feet away from the floor if hung over open floor.
  • Over dining table – Chandelier’s bottom should leave a gap of 30 – 36 inches from the tabletop. The recommended width or diameter is between 1/2 and 2/3 of the width of the table.
  • Hallway – Multiply the width (in feet) of hallway by 2.5 to measure diameter (in inches) of the chandelier.

You can get more choices with lighting solutions like Sofary Lighting, which provides modern lighting with affordable price. One of the most unique features of this company is that it provides customization service – be it color, size or design. It reduces cost of the product by directly selling from the manufacturers. Their products have return period of 30 days.

Where to Put Your Showstopper?

A light fixture does not simply give you light and warmth in your house. It highlights your aesthetic sense and the essence of the room. Adding a little character to your space is both refreshing and interesting. However, you should know how to select a right place for it.

  • Entrance/Hallway – One can say that ‘the first impression is the last impression’. Stun your visitors with an eye-catching piece. Make them expect a bout of style and elegance up ahead.
  • Living room – Suit the mood of the room while selecting a piece. Keep in mind the hues and furniture. Excessive glitz is overwhelming.
  • Dining room – this is where you expect the presence of a showstopper chandelier the most. Just above the dining table with right size and unique style it is the focus of the room. Choose less overbearing furniture and accessories to give it all the attention it deserves.
  • Bedroom – Master suite requires a much more fabulous fixture to compliment the high ceiling and give it an intimate touch.
  • Kitchen – A minimalist, contemporary or vintage fixture hung over your kitchen island will give you just the right ambience you are looking for in your kitchen.
  • Bathroom – A seemingly dull bathroom can speak voluminous with a light fixture adorning overhead giving a feel of luxury.
  • Staircase – Hang a chandelier from the head of the stairs straight down and it can turn into a piece of art.

If you really like a showstopper chandelier, you are free to buy furniture and accessories to style your space complimenting it.

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