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CBD or cannabidiol is truly a beneficial component for health and wellness. However, does it really help in controlling blood sugar level for people with diabetes? Let’s try to find the answer to this question.

Suffering from high blood sugar for an extended period of time without treatment can lead to diabetic neuropathy. CBD surely does reduce inflammation and pain from diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage). However, make sure you choose your CBD product wisely. Try to avoid any kind of added sugar, artificial flavor or coloring. Even when you use CBD for overall health wellness, you would like to avoid these unwanted ingredients that may have negative effect.

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Research on CBD’s Affect Concerning Diabetes

Most of the research results are from studies done on rats and mice. So, there are concerns over the fact that they might have completely different affect on humans. Still, the findings of these studies are quite optimistic –

  • CBD lowers high blood sugar level.
  • It also helps in toning down the cholesterol level.
  • Increase in insulin production.
  • It reduces chronic inflammation and pain that is a common damage caused due to diabetes.
  • It may lower the chance of having diabetes.
  • It can improve the body’s capacity to breakdown glucose.

CBD and THC have completely different affect on your body. In case of type II diabetes, CBD showed no improvement in blood sugar level and blood lipids, but THC did. On the other hand, CBD did help in reducing insulin resistance in them and increased the production of gastrointestinal hormone.

What Can You Assume?

The research is not yet up to the mark as it lacks clinical trials and studies on human. We can only assume the effects it might have through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system of our body. The endocannabinoid system is present throughout the whole body regulating all kinds of body functions and maintaining a state of balance in the body.

It regulates insulin production and response to insulin in the body. Therefore, you can say that when CBD stimulates various receptors in the endocannabinoid system, it boosts the function of maintaining homeostasis. Again, many instances showed that every individual may have different reaction due to their unique body condition.

Be Cautious

First of all, there is no definite evidence of that CBD can regulate blood sugar levels? Specially, when you use a full spectrum CBD product, it is difficult to discern what effect CBD is particularly having. You need to be really cautious of the quality and pay extra attention to notice other harmful ingredients present.

Moreover, there are chances of drug interaction and side effects. Consult your doctor before trying out CBD products.

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