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The gutters are primarily meant for moving out all rainwater from our roofs and also from the main structure. If the water will fall very close to our main structure, then the soil around it is likely to erode. So, eventually, our foundation will get compromised and various structural issues can arise, particularly if the building has also got a basement.

Besides, the rainwater can also find its way and enter our home through doors and windows. Particularly, if the roof has insufficient clearance then this risk will be much higher. Generally, gutters will use gravity to direct the entire rainwater away from our roof.

Therefore, we must call for any Shane’s Gutter Cleaning Brisbane services offered by Gutter Cleaning Solution from time to time and maintain our gutter to make sure that they perform properly. Over some time, leaves, small branches, and much other debris may also get collected in our gutters.

The following are a few risks incurred in case if you fail to clean your gutters regularly:


When water will overflow, then any of the following can happen:

  • It will run all over your house leak through your ceiling.
  • It will splash and cause water to pool all along your walls.
  • Saturate your foundations, and create structural issues in due course of time.

2. Leaky gutters and roofs

If you leave it unchecked, then the roof and wall will dampen and cause mold and mildew. Quite possibly, you will have to replace your roof. You may also need to repair the foundation of your building.

3. Foundation cracks

When water will be absorbed into your house then foundation cracks may occur. During the winter seasons, it is more likely to happen because of freezing temperatures and also possible frost heave.

Moreover, water that is backed up in the gutters is usually heavy and that can cause damage to the wood fascia which is attached to.

4. Insect infestation

It is quite difficult to know what may be hanging out in the gutters. There can be many critters in damp, dark, or remote places such as gutter like dead birds, bees, rodents, and many other insects.  As there will be decaying leaf matter, which can contain many other bacteria that can create a health risk when you inhale them.

5. Molds

When rainwater will get inside your home, then molds can always invade your home. Mold spores will float freely and can grow if there is a presence of moisture inside your home. Apart from being too difficult to remove these molds can cause many different health issues.

6. Drowning landscape

As your gutter gets damaged or cannot retain water, then the water will leak out to your landscape, including to your exterior plants. Your plants may turn dull and also die, and also causing a drowning landscape.

7. Damage to your landscape

Finally, when rainwater is going to land on your sidewalks and driveways, then it is going to make these areas slippery. Due to worse rain also it can do lots of damage to these. Besides that most of the plants present in your garden may also get drowned.

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