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For every home, the presence of water supply is very essential. However, because of high water demand often the water pressure becomes too low in most of the homes. Municipality water service available usually meets the need for drinking, bathing, washing, and various other household needs.  Besides that, people also need water to irrigate their gardens and lawns.

Most of the households nowadays use a garden pump, which delivers necessary water for irrigating their garden. You can obtain different water pumps for garden use from Sydney Water Tanks, which is one Australian water tank manufacturing company. There is a team of highly skilled and experienced Engineers working in this company.

Different types of pumps

Based on your needs you can choose your pumps. There are the following types of pumps present in the market that can always be used for your garden.

  1. Rainwater tank pump 

For garden irrigation, rainwater tank pumps will be suitable, which pumps water from a cistern/rain barrel so that you can easily use it for operating your garden showers.

  1. Self-priming garden pumps 

For transporting water for your garden irrigation, self-priming garden pumps are used. Besides, garden irrigation, they can be used also for filling basins or various storage tanks. Also for cleaning pavements and terraces they can be used.

  1. Centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pump will circulate the water by converting rotational kinetic energy into hydrodynamic energy of the water flow. By using an electric motor the rotational energy will be derived.

  1. Submersible pumps 

Often submersible pumps are also installed in your garden which is a device having a sealed motor completely submerged in the water bodies, particularly in the open wells and also bore wells.

  1. Pond pumps 

You should not install a pond pump in too shallow water, otherwise, it may run dry. Also, a deep water location is not an ideal location as your pump can easily get muddy.  Therefore ideally, it must be placed where water depth is 30 to 40 cm.

  1. Solar pond pump 

Sun, water, or wind can generate free electricity hence renewable energies are nowadays becoming quite popular. Garden owners can consider using this kind of pump and also save electricity cost.

  1. Bore-well compressor pumps

If you want to draw water from deep bore-wells having specific diameters then you can use bore-well compressor pumps for drawing water. For lifting water from the deep bores, air pressure will be used.

  1. Pressure Booster Pumps

If you are looking for a water supply that is smooth and pressurized in your home then choose a pressure booster pump, which is specially engineered for supplying required pressurized water as per your needs.

While selecting your pump, remember the height that you have to overcome from your pump location to your stream source. This height should always be lower than your pump’s maximum delivery height. Another thing to consider is the rate of flow. This must be large enough so that water flows consistently and it splashes and rushes.

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