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Your selection of office furniture is going to define your standard of office. Your furniture will be installed at many different places within the office like reception areas and workplaces of your employees etc.

The beauty of office will be enhanced by your office furniture. While considering about office furniture, first things that will come in your mind will be office chairs and desks. You can find from Ideal Office Furniture in Australia many different styles/types of office chairs and desks.

Following are few common furniture that you will usually find in almost any kind of office.

Office desks

Usually, there are many different sections available in most of the offices, which include reception area, the Manager’s cabin, workstations, conference room etc. Based on different sections, your office desks will come in different designs and styles. Following are few most common offices tables/desks that are listed below:

1. Writing desks

This type of desks is specially made for people who are writers. It is actually very simple desk that are installed in various offices. You can get them at affordable prices. Most start-up companies having low budget can choose such kind of desk for their employees.

2. Adjustable height desks

Such desks are ideal for people who need to stand while working like architects, designers, customer service representatives and reception professionals.

3. Executive desks

Although the design of executive desks may vary, ergonomics cannot change. There is a need for enough space for different aspects of executive’s work. Also, there should be an area fully reserved for different functions that executive need to do.

4. Managerial desks

Usually, these managerial desks are meant for managers or supervisors. Manager’s office must be little different from office of an executive. Style and function of such desk will be based on nature of work involved and the facilities needed by them.

5. Director’s desk

The desk of director must be different from other desks, as this will be main section of your office. Their design may also vary for different organisations. You can find few exclusive designs of different styles of such directors’ desks.

6. Conference tables

Conference tables are designed for conference rooms and based on dimensions of the conference room such tables are available in many shapes and sizes.

Office chairs

There are wide selections of office chairs available in many different styles and designs. Mostly, they are designed keeping comfort and good posture in mind. Following are few different options for chairs:

1. Executive chair

Executive chairs will be installed in front of the executive desks/managerial desks. They come with few special features, such as padded backrest or armrest.

2. Conference chairs

A conference room will be necessary for conducting meetings and hence you must have stylish chairs for your conference rooms to make better impression on your customers.

3. Task chairs

This is made with basic design that will consist of casters wheels for rotating easily. Few of them are also lined with foam to add comfort and support.

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