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Trees might be necessary to be cut down in so many situations. Like a tree can be cut down by the removal services for not compromising with the safety of families. Cutting is essential if the trees are at its dying stage with no growing leaves in many years. From extreme weather conditions to pests, there are many factors for toppling trees. has arborist Chilliwack for maintaining, pruning, and cutting of the trees. They have professional service providers that are skilled in their services and whom you can address for all kinds of tree problems. They offer affordable tree services in all kinds of emergencies.

  • What is stump removal?

It is a process of removing of entire tree stump from its roots to the ground. It leaves behind a large gape following the removal procedure. Refill the soil and also plant a new tree there. Some of the advantages:

  1. It helps in removing the stumps.
  2. It has no way of growing again as the roots are completely removed.
  3. You can plant a new tree there itself vacating the whole area
  4. It helps in the prevention of health hazards that are caused by the tree stumps

Stump grinding is helpful and effective for keeping the yard beautiful and safe at the same time. There are so many varieties of tree removal with you having to make the right choice. Stump grinding has separate costs, so its best to be given to the professionals.

  • What is better- Renting or buying a tree stump grinder?

If you love doing things on your own, you can buy a stump grinder for keeping the trees in shape. If it is a one-time job, renting stump grinders seem to be the best idea. If you are going to continuously do this job, it will be worthwhile of buying a stump grinder.

The majority of homeowners prefer renting it at $150 to $200 per day. Most of the professionals can give you their stump grinders for earning additional income. There are sub-contractors out there for doing these kinds of jobs.

Dos and Don’ts in Stump Grinding

  • Scheduling stump grinding after removal of branches and trunk

When you are not dealing with stumps properly, then you will be losing the aesthetic value of your property as well. They make your place unsafe with pests and insects lurking all-around in your house. Scheduling of stump grinding can help prevent these problems.

  • Don’t wear any kind of wrong attire

When planning to work with a stump grinder, do not put on any wrong attire. You should know what to wear. Consider wearing snug fitting and close-toed shoes for a better grip. Also, put on goggles and helmet. Avoid wearing any kind of loose garments that can get caught in the equipment that you are wearing.

  • Don’t allow kids to play near the stumps

Limit the number of people walking near the stumps before making these tree stumps. If you have children or pets, try keeping them away from the stumps by keeping temporary barriers. This helps in the prevention of any unfortunate accidents or hazards.

  • Cleaning of the yard thoroughly

If you are planning of using a stump grinder, be sure of keeping the surrounding clean. The stump grinder is a very powerful equipment that can destroy anything coming in its path.

  • Don’t stay in hurry for finishing the job

You may have to dig several feet for setting the grinder. But be careful of all the electrical connections and the gas lines or other utility things that may come on the property. First assess the area where you are going to put the grinder and then start your work.

Why should you put tree stumps?

  • Promoting tree growth

If you don’t want any other tree growing in your backyard, then you have to remove the tree stump and all the roots immediately. Trees can affect all other small plants growing, so you should take care of it.

  • Improving the look of the backyard

Trees do make properties look beautiful but the stumps don’t do so! It also leads to the growth of fungus and the weeds affecting the look of the property wholeheartedly.


It’s best to employ professionals for removing stumps as they know what they are doing. These are affordable and once you choose a reputed company, your work will be done in no time. Ask them about all equipment and skills before hiring!

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