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VELVET, belonging to the Spanish company THELIGHT, they are in great demand for their performance, intensity and light diffusion technology. For exteriors, they can be used as filler. They give about 450 Lux at 3 months with a consumption of only 150 w. The color temperature ranges from 2,700K to 6,500K with a CRI above 90. These can be powered both by battery and alternating current. They are best options as the light fixtures are resistant to rain.

The manufacturer offers a wide variety of devices and accessories, but the most commonly used ones are as follows:

VELVET LIGHT 2 of 60 x 30 cm and 6 Kg of weight.

VELVET LIGHT 4 of 120 x 30 cm and 11 Kg of weight.

SKYPANEL: these are the big stars of the surface LED lights, belonging to the ARRI brand, they are the most demanded LED light fixture devices in the cinematographic shootings.

There are 3 sizes: 30, 60 and 120 cm.

Their color temperature range goes from 2,800K to 10,000K, they can change the color and saturation of the light they emit, and they have a library of filters and are controllable by table and remote control. The diffuser material can be easily changed, thus varying the quality of light offered.

Below classification and applications are based on their color temperature ranges:

  • Up to 2000K – They emit very dull light and are generally used for artistic and disco-like effects.
  • 2000K to 3000K – They emits warm and white lighting effects which are mainly used in bedrooms and dining rooms. They provide adequate lighting for relaxing and enjoying moods.
  • 3000K to 4000K- It is cool and bright white light. They are used for kitchens, bathrooms and offices lighting where brighter light is necessary for better view. They help in performing tasks at ease at night
  • 4000K to 5000K – They intimates daylight resembling a cool sunlight overhead. They are used in large areas like garages and basements where high precision task is carried out.
  • above 5000k – They are sometimes referred as “Prison Light”. They are high intensity and heavy duty. They are mainly preferred for lighting very large area.

They have a wide variety of accessories but highlight that can become space light to work in zenithal. They are somewhat less light than the VELVET but still remain heavy devices. The SKYPANEL of 60 is around 12 kg.

L-SERIES: they are LED devices with a Frésnel lens, therefore they are not superficial light sources but more punctual than all the previous devices.

There are 3 sizes L10, L7 and L5 that refer to the diameter in inches of the lens they use. The Frésnel lens they use is designed to give a beam of light with a coverage ranging from 15º to 50º. Each model comes to give twice the light than the previous model.

In terms of color temperature, the L-series in each of its 3 sizes offers 3 variables:

TT L-SERIES to work in tungsten with a range that goes from 2,600 to 3,600K

L-Series DT for daylight and ranging from 5,000 to 6,500K

L-SERIES C you work from 2,800k to 10,000k with the possibility of changing the magenta/green range.

SUPER LED: they are DESISTI’s answer to the ARRI L-SERIES, therefore they are Frésnel appliances with LED light sources, and specifically they are the casings of the mythical 500, 1,000 and 2,000 Desisti. They have a consumption of 60 w the small one, 120 w the medium one and 165 w the big one. They are manufactured in tungsten version and daylight version.

DESISTI offers another family of FrésnelLeds with variable color temperature called VARI-WHITE, with a range that goes from 2,800K to 6,500K with increments of 400K. Of this version there are only two sizes, the medium and the large, this is because its light output is lower. They are also DMX-controllable.

DLED: the DEDOLIGHT brand has its own version of LED appliances with this family. With their characteristic flat convex lenses, they achieve a range of coverage from 5º to 50º.

DEDOLIGHT offers 3 versions:

DLED2 with 20 w consumption.

DLED4 with 40 w of consumption.

DLED9 with 90 w of consumption.

In each version there are devices for tungsten, daylight and two-color. For all of them we can find the traditional catalog of accessories that this brand creates for its appliances, making them one of the most versatile in the market.

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