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In every home, your roof replacement is certainly among the biggest investments that you will make however, if it is done at the right time in the right manner then it will yield the biggest return for your investment. As per the report, a new roof will yield more than 80 per cent of the original cost during resale.

However, when you have to consider restoring your roof, the biggest question is, when should you replace your complete roof?

Often many people never check their roof conditions regularly and suddenly get concerned when the roof stats leaking. You should not wait until water starts pouring through your ceiling and you need to carry your buckets for paying attention to your leaking roof.

You must regularly check the condition of your roof and consider for Sydney roof repairs when following few signs are noticed in the roof. Also, prefer to hire any reliable roofing contractors like City2Surf, who is a well-known roofing contractor in Sydney.

  • Start looking from inside of home

To confirm whether you really need new roof then rather than looking outside, first place that you should check is your attic. So, take a flashlight, start climbing up by taking a ladder under the eaves.

Check whether you can see any beams of light appearing through top of your house or any stains that signal about leaky roof.

  • Check your records of home improvement

Check from your records when you constructed your house, and if you have not done any activity until now on your roof and your house is more than 20 – 25 years old, then it certainly needs replacement.

  • Check the condition of shingles

Particularly after heavy storms, try to have a look on your rooftop and ensure that it is in ship-shape. Your shingles must lie flat against your roof. In case you find cracked patches, damaged, or any buckling, then simply it needs repair.

However, if you notice that lots of granules are coming out from shingle, then you need roof replacement.

  • Flash forward

Check flashing around vents, chimneys and skylight seals and make sure that no breaks or cracks found that could lead to leaking. Often in most of the old homes, flashings are made of tar and cement, so better upgrade to metal flashing.

  • Rescue from rot

Any droopy or sagging roof surely needs replacement before further damage can occur to your home. Look for signs of any trapped moisture, sagging spots or rotting boards particularly at lowest points of your roof.

  • Unwanted houseplants

Though presence of moss in any corner of the yard may look great but on the roof, it is undesirable.  Moss indicates that there must be trapped moisture that can ruin your roof. Use any stiff brush to remove the moss, but address the underlying problems.

Don’t panic

Don’t panic just because you found few leaking or damaged shingles, which is not a sign that you need to replace your whole roof. In case, your roof is not too old and properly installed then it needs little maintenance and repair.

You must get it thoroughly inspected by any licensed roofing contractor.

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