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Vaporizers allow you to enjoy dry herbs in a holistic style. You don’t need extra contraption like torches, bowls, and roaches. This is because the vaporizer unit has a heating chamber that efficiently heats the dry herb. It means in a single unit you get everything. The heating is conducted either in a convection or conduction manner.

  • In the convection method, the air gets heated and it flows over the dry herb slowly evaporating it. It is similar to a fan working over it.
  • In the conduction process, the heat comes in direct contact with the dry herb and draws out the vapor. It is similar to a kitchen hob.

The built-up vapor gathers near the mouthpiece pathway, where you place your lips to draw and enjoy the vaping. Even though your vaporizer is all-in-one, you can upgrade it with some accessories to enhance your vaping experience.

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Water tool

It is an advanced technology addition. It works like a small bong, which can be attached or replaced to the mouthpiece of the vaporizer. It cools vapes, during every hit. The vapor gets drawn through a water-cooled tube. Unlike bongs, the vapor never comes in direct contact with water. Water tools are also called ‘water pipes’ or bubblers.

Glass mouthpiece

Glass material is great for vaporizer set up. Unlike metal and plastic, it is non-reactive so none of the hits get tainted with a nasty taste. Borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant. Therefore, many vaporizers have these components. The vaporizers with a removable plastic mouthpiece can be upgraded with a glass mouthpiece. The glass is easy to clean the residue buildup.

Vaporizer screen

The screen is designed from materials like gauze, plastic, or steel with a purpose to act as a barrier. It functions as a sieve between dry herbs and air path. Loose-dry herb particles and grime build-up gets blocked, which can cause issues if it gets in the air path. The taste of the hit gets ruined and it can even cause blockages. The clean air flows up from the vaporizer screen, thus enhancing the vaporizing experience.

Vaporizer case 

You can store all your vaping accessories conveniently in a special odor-proof case. Your dry herb vaporizer device gets stored without any concern of odor contaminating it. It is a great way to carry your portable dry herb vaporizer.

Herb grinder

For vape consistency, you need an herb grinder that finely grinds your weed correctly. It does not turn the dry herb into a powder form because this can clog the path and mouthpiece. It even allows temporary storage for your buds.

Airtight glass storage containers

Airtight containers are a permanent solution for weed storing. The weeds are not moisture friendly. So, to maintain its dryness storing in a water-proof and airtight environment is crucial. Silicone airtight containers are recommended because they are easy to clean and don’t pick the odor.

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