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Coronavirus is known as SARS-COV-2 means Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2. This virus is associated to the diseases caused in 2002, SARS-COV, but it is quite different from the others.

According to research studies, COVID-19 can be spread to others faster and easily. In severe cases, it can cause life-threatening condition. You can acquire coronavirus by touching your eyes, nose and mouth after touching object, surface or person having the virus. People with coronavirus may or may not experience the symptoms

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Tips and strategies to prevent coronavirus

Wash hands frequently

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or antibacterial soap for 20 seconds. Rub your fingers, fingernails and wrist with lathers. Make use of sanitizer, if you are unable to wash hands with water. Rewash hands often when you touch anything even your laptop or phone.

Don’t touch face

Coronavirus live on surfaces for nearly 72 hours and it will transmit to you when you touch those surfaces. Also, don’t touch eyes, mouth and nose while there is a chance for getting the virus.

Avoid hugging and shaking hands

Physical contact can spread virus from a person to other, so it’s good to avoid hugging and shaking hands.

Avoid sharing personal items

Don’t share straws, eating utensils, phones, combs and other personal items. Teach your kids of using reusable straws, cups and others for their personal use.

Cover up your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough

Mouth and nose are major parts that are affected by coronavirus. This is because the virus is carried by respiratory droplets, so be cautious when you talk, sneeze or cough. Also, the virus can land on surfaces and remains for 3 days.

Disinfect surfaces

Clean surfaces in home with disinfectants and disinfect the areas when you bring packages or groceries into home.

Maintain social distance

Stay at home and work remotely, if possible. If you are visiting outside for necessities maintain at least 6 feet distance from others.

Avoid gatherings

Avoid sitting or standing too close with someone, attending parties, visiting religious places, parks, beaches and crowded areas.

Don’t take outside food

Coronavirus can airborne from others in a venue, so stay away from drinking or eating in restaurants and others.

Wash groceries

Wash groceries with water before preparing or eating. It is recommended that don’t use any cleaning agents on vegetables and fruits.

Wear a face mask

In public places, where social distancing is difficult, you have to use a face mask as it helps in preventing spread of virus from undiagnosed and asymptomatic people. You can find different type of face masks on the market. Purchase few of them and wear it whenever you visit a grocery store or pharmacy.

Self-quarantine when sick

In case, you are experiencing symptoms like severe cough, fever or breathing difficulty, consult your doctor immediately. Isolate yourself in a room, wear mask and clean your hands often.

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