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If there’s one room in the house that can easily get messy, it’s the kitchen. It can be difficult to find a way to efficiently store all the tools, cookware, and food in your cabinets. So, here are a few hacks you can try if you’re having trouble organizing them.

Use Pull-Out Drawers as Pantry Storage

Sometimes, people don’t have a pantry room connected to their kitchens, especially if their home is quite small. And, even if they do, they can still run out of space to store food items that need to be kept dry and away from sunlight, such as garlic cloves, onions, flour, and spices.

Storing them in containers on the countertop is only ideal if you want to use ingredients as decorations. But, if you prefer a more elegant look for your kitchen, this will only make the space appear cluttered.

Instead, you can try keeping these items in your pull-out drawers. Place several bins inside the drawer to neatly section the space off and separate each kind of food. Make sure that powdered ingredients have lids on them to prevent contamination.

Buy Dish Racks for Cabinets

Most people just toss flat tools and cookware, such as baking trays, racks, pans, and cutting boards in their cabinets. This results in the items getting mixed up together, and looking for what they need to make a meal can become quite difficult.

To segregate these objects more effectively, you can create makeshift subsections by installing wire dish racks inside your cabinets. These will allow you to store your cookware upright, so you can easily pull them out of storage. You may also buy individual units and fuse them together to span the required length. Remember to add more rows if the space is a bit deeper to keep the items properly arranged.

Utilize Cabinet Doors

Usually, cabinets aren’t jam-packed. Unless you’re storing boxes that are the exact length and width of the area, there’s always a bit of room here and there. Most of the time, there’s even a fair amount of space left between the door and the items inside.

So, to maximize the storage capacity of your cabinet, you should use this little gap to keep small or flat items. Just simply install hooks and clips on the inside of the door, as these can be used to hold everything, from kitchen towels to spatulas. They’ll neatly push up against the other objects when you close the door.

These are just some tips for organizing your premade kitchen cabinets. With these practices, you can easily keep your space nice and tidy.

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