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People who don’t smoke will never know any difference between bong and bubbler, but the reality is that many among smokers too are not aware of that either. Mostly people buy either one of them just by looking at their friends who may be using it.

Also, many think bubblers will look cool to use. However, the fact remains that most smokers may not know various difference between these 2 popular smoking devices.

If you are interested to buy bubbler bong then you can either visit the website of Express smoke shops where you can get many different varieties of both these kinds of smoking devices or visit to any nearby smoke shops.

It is very common to find many people often get mixed up between these 2 smoking devices, since both of them are typically crafted by using borosilicate glass and both hold and also move water for smoke filtration.

However, in fact there exist a number of things to compare between these 2 smoking devices. Following are 3 parameters under which we can compare between these two devices.

  • Size

As for bubblers, it can resemble with bongs, which is quite noticeable. However, bubblers usually tend to be a little smaller as compared to bongs. Due to their smaller size, it makes easier for any smoker to handle bubblers with single hand.

Also, bubblers are quite lightweight which also contributes to their ease of use.

Any average bong will be about 1.5 to 2 times larger than any average bubbler pipe. Therefore, any nice bong can be ideal daily driver in case you like to use them at your home and want to keep it safe and secure.

Due to its sturdy and strong base, you can always rest your bong into your lap or keep it on table.

  • Style

Bubblers are becoming incredibly popular among the young smokers due to its compactness which can be easily carried while travelling. They also weigh much less as compared to bongs.

Bongs are available in few different shapes having long tube connecting with mouthpiece to bubble shaped base. Because of larger size, bongs are able to accommodate little more intricate percolators.

Overall shaping of the bongs may lack in options, but bubblers, usually display many varieties in styling.

You may sometimes find mouthpiece bending out the back almost like sherlock pipe, or may shoot straight off to side. You can get bubblers with all kinds of shapes of mouthpieces from tubes.

  • Versatility

For decades, bongs have been highly popular way to get baked. Since, dabbing is increasing hence many people prefer a glass piece that can do multitask for them which can handle both dabs and flowers.

Few bubblers have got built-in push bowl and cannot accept dab nail. But you can find many options which may allow you to even burn your trees as well as vape your oils by using single handy bubbler pipe.

Therefore, whether you want large rips of bong, or you prefer to save the flavor from hot new bubbler, for all kinds of buds, Express smoke shops can offer you  what you need.

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